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Review: Ultra Mindset Academy eCourse

Earlier this month I completed Travis Macy’s 8-week Ultra Mindset Academy eCourse, an extension of his popular book, The Ultra Mindset. Travis’ course suggests that participants will come away with these three skills: A lasting, resilient, positive mindset that will motivate you for training and get you to the finish line in races Mastery of evidence-based mindset principles that can be applied to life beyond athletics, including work, parenting, and relationships Synergy for success through genuine relationships with like-minded peers and a leading expert on mindset and endurance racing So what happened? Did I develop an Ultra Mindset? Am I now a master of mindset principles? Find out at!

Muir Energy Gels: Review

  Nick and I have made a tradition of visiting our local San Diego Farmer’s Markets when we’re around on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Besides picking up fresh fruit and vegetables (and meat and eggs and herbs) for the week, we have our favorite booths for lunch (African cuisine for Nick and a veggie bowl with toasted pecans for me). A few weeks ago, we were strolling through the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market, our lunches in hand, when we noticed a booth selling energy gels. The Situation: As someone who prefers real, whole foods in all aspects of my life, I’ve struggled with powdered supplements and overly-sweet and hyper-caffeinated gels during runs and races. In the past I’ve done my training runs on toasted Ezekial cinnamon-raisin bread with coconut oil or banana-egg pancakes I’ve made the night before. These work fine for me, but are certainly not convenient nor preferable during races. So, we headed over to the Muir Energy booth to see if there was another option. Ian, the owner and founder of Muir Energy Gels, began explaining …